Best Drill Bit for Glass, Amazing Buyer Guide that Will not Occur Damage and Cracking Glass 

Glass objects can be challenging to drill through because they tend to lose their shape quickly, and if you don’t use the best drill bit for glass, you might ruin your work. In addition, despite its hardness, glass is somewhat fragile. Applying the standard drill bit increases the difficulties, but a purpose-built bit may make the job much more straightforward.

As a delicate material, glass requires extra caution when working on a project. Don’t risk shattering your glass by mishandling it or employing improper equipment. In addition, drilling a hole in glass may be nerve-wracking if you don’t have the right bit for the job.

Consequently, we have researched the best drill bits for drilling holes in glass and settled on three options. These drill bits will make drilling holes in the glass a breeze and won’t break the material.

As such, we have examined the top drill bits designed to bore through glass, mirrors efficiently, and other fragile materials.

What kinds of Glass Can Be Drilled?

You may easily place a mirror on the wall in your living room by drilling a hole through it and attaching it with a fastener. On the other hand, if you have a bunch of wine bottles and want to use them as decorations on the balcony, go right ahead. To make a hole in your wine bottles so you can decorate them, all you need is the most delicate glass drill bit. Likewise, a home’s aesthetic appeal can be increased by drilling through glass tiles. However, drilling through glass tiles calls for greater precision and practice.

Drilling Into Glass

Aquariums are another glass object that may be drilled. Maximize your living room’s aesthetic value by setting up an aquarium. You may quickly build an aquarium by learning to drill holes in glass and attach them to the wall. This paves the way for various applications requiring drilling through the glass of various sorts. Keep in mind that safety glass and tempered glass can be drilled.

The Best Drill Bit for Glass- Review

1. QWORK 5 Pcs Set Multi-Material Drill Bit Set for Glass
2. Bosch GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set
3. Neiko Diamond Grit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set
4. BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits – Hollow Core Drill Bits Glass and Tile
5. DRILLPRO Diamond Hole Saw For Glass

Buyer Guide to Choosing the Right Drill Bits for Cutting Glass

While it may take some time to research which drill set is perfect for your glass project, you can skip the research and purchase one of our top recommendations. This buyer’s guide will tell you what to search for and how to acquire the most excellent option for glass if you want to know how to select the best options for drill bits in the future.

Tip Material

The effectiveness of a drill on glass largely depends on the composition of the drill tip.

Using carbide drill bit tips like the ones we provided will prevent your glass material from shattering while drilling and will provide a cleaner hole that better secures the screw. With everything in place, you can expect your project to go off without a hitch and have a better quality result.


Depending on its length and diameter, these tasks can be accomplished with a particular drill bit. Options with about half an inch diameters may be unsuitable for tasks that call for a smaller screw. Too large of a hole, and the screw will fall out. This might derail your efforts and prevent you from completing the job as planned.

If the hole is drilled too tiny, the screw will have to exert too much force against the hole’s interior, perhaps cracking the glass.

It might be difficult to remove when a screw is too tightly screwed in. Also, if you don’t have the right size screwdriver, removing the screw might produce a break, which would damage your hard work.

Convergence of Drills

A power drill will only work with certain types of drill bits.. You don’t want to waste money on a glass drill bit that won’t fit your drill, so be careful while selecting.

The Various Surfaces

In most cases, the cost of a drill bit is justified by the number of materials it can pierce. If you can’t locate a suitable drill bit for your chosen surface, choose the least efficient one.

What Kind of Drill Bit Is Ideal For Glass

Design-wise, two main categories of drill bits are optimal for use on various stone and ceramic materials, including glass, tiles, marble, granite, and slates. Both are useful drill bits, but your choice will depend on the type of glass you plan to drill through.

  • Spear Head drill bits
  • Diamond-coated drill bits

Spear Head Drill Bits for Glass

This drill bit type’s spear shape is the name’s inspiration. This one offers superior accuracy compared to diamond-coated drill bits, making it an excellent choice for smaller jobs. But, unfortunately, this drill bit, made of tungsten carbide, isn’t the most popular either.

Drilling with a spearhead drill bit requires constant water or water lubrication, so keep that in mind. However, if you drill through the glass, you risk damaging the drill bit and the glass itself due to the high temperatures generated.

Glass-Drilling Diamond Bits

It’s the standard for drill bits designed to break the glass. Mirror, window, tile, door, and aquarium glass are some materials that may be drilled with a diamond drill bit. This drill bit is made specifically for cutting glass and comes with a diamond coating or tip. Allowing you to drill through the coating without damaging the bit.

QWORK 5 Pcs Set Multi-Material Drill Bit Set for Glass

QWORK 5 Pcs Set Multi-Material Drill Bit Set for Glass

  • ‎Carbide Material
  • 2.76 x 0.63 x 5.43 inches
  • 5 PCs Set (6, 6, 8, 10, 12mm)

I was looking for something versatile, and the QWork drill bit set filled the mark.

Multiple Bit Size

This collection of five drill bits is versatile and may be used on various materials, from glass and wood to tiles and bricks. Each bit has a different size, from 1/4 to 5/16 to 3/8 to 1/2 inches.


Because of their sturdy tungsten carbide tips and spear-shaped form, these drill bits can effortlessly bore through various materials without causing harm.

All the drill bits have a unique U-groove shape that helps keep the work area clean by collecting dust as you work. Despite this, QWork suggests sticking with water as a lubricant when boring glass and porcelain.

Shank Grips

Vital drill bits are being used. They are meant for use with three-jaw drill chucks and include non-slip triangular shank grips.


The bits may be used on any material. However, they need a lot of oil drilling through tile or glass. An effective technique is to keep a spray bottle handy and use it as you drill.

If you’re a homeowner and need a drill bit set that will cut through anything, go no further than the five-piece set from QWork. This complete kit works with most drills and is excellent for many materials.

  • In a range of sizes.
  • Tipped with tungsten carbide.
  • Built with a U-shaped groove to trap dust, it will be contained.
  • A shaft with non-slip technology.
  • Drilling through rigid materials requires a lot of greases.
Bosch GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set

Bosch GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set

  • ‎Carbide Material
  • 4pc Drill Bits

Have you had enough of the broken glass that bit walking causes? To avoid this, I looked for a pair with highly sharp points that could bore straight through the substance.

The Bosch GT2000 set of drill bits is an option that meets these criteria. These pieces, like all Bosch products, are high-quality and practical.

Unique Design

To begin, Bosch engineered them for precise drilling with a unique design that included high-precision carbide tips. With their razor-sharp, diamond-ground cutting edges, they can avoid bit wandering and cracking in the first place.

These features contribute to the bits’ adaptability. They are versatile and may be used on several surfaces, including glass and ceramic tiles. In a snap, the pointed ends will puncture your skin.

Sided Flat Shank

Their three-sided flat shank construction gives your machine a firmer hold. It comes with four different sizes: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, and 5/16″. In addition, Bosch labels each size with its recommended use.


In any case, they aren’t up to snuff for serious work. While durable, they just can’t withstand the rigours of daily use.

You should check out this Bosch set if you need drill bits with a high level of accuracy. They’re great for cutting glass because of their pointed tips and diamond edges.

  • Creative tips that protect breaking and bit moving.
  • High-precision.
  • Suitable for varied materials.
  • The bundle contains four typical sizes.
  • Three-sided flat shank.
  • You can’t rely on a drill for rough, constant use.
Neiko Diamond Grit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

Neiko Diamond Grit Hole Saw Drill Bit Set

  • ‎Carbide Material
  • 4 x 3 x 1 inches
  • 1 Pack (5pc)

To that end, I sought a solution to satisfy my request for age, utility, and consistency. And Nico’s set feels like the right choice.

Different Inches

Each of the following sizes—5/32″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, and 1/2 inch—are represented in this collection.In addition, they feature a 3/4-inch cutting force and a 1/4-inch shank.


If you need holes with extreme precision, go no further than these diamond drill bits. It contains a preservative that maximizes its yield while promoting growth longer than traditional cards. So that when you need them again, you’ll be prepared and they’ll be great and fast.

They are coated in the outlet to extend their longevity further and protect the nickel from corrosion and rust.

Long Shank

A relatively long shank is an admirable feature. This is for almost all drill equipment, perfect for home use.


Each bit also has a side hole that can remove slugs after drilling, which is labour-intensive.

Unfortunately, the bit tips can overheat when drilling through materials such as porcelain or porcelain. Get a friend to help you, or splash water on the drill bit sometimes.

Neiko makes excellent diamond drill bits that are ideal for use in self-drilling settings due to their high accuracy and longevity.

  • These are standard sizes.
  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of drills.
  • Coating with nickel.
  • Diamond-coated tip.
  • Slug-removal port
  • Rapid heating of the tips is to be expected.
BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits – Hollow Core Drill Bits Glass and Tile

BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits – Hollow Core Drill Bits Glass and Tile

  • ‎Stainless Steel Material
  • 3.54 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
  • 6mm-32mm

While attempting to drill a few holes for an up cycle job, I shattered the glass plate on a dining room table.

This prompted me to search for a fresh piece of glass and a set of hollow core drill bits. I was lucky enough to find Blendx diamond drill bits, which are ideal for my purposes.

Strong with Diamond Coating 

To begin with, provided proper care is taken, they will last a very long time. In addition, the drill bits are made of robust carbon steel and are capped with a diamond coating for further durability.

Best for Drill Hole

These bits are excellent for drilling clean, precise holes in various materials. They shouldn’t be used on concrete, though.

Multiple Inches

The 10 components included in the set can be used for various crafts and renovations. Each one is 2.19 inches long and works with most power drills.

Amazing Function 

Blendx recommends angling the bit when drilling for maximum penetration. Once the surface has been removed, you can properly position the drill for a clean hole. Using water as a lubricant and a coolant helps keep things from overheating and breaking.


For example, the diamond coating doesn’t appear to hold up well on ceramic tiles. But it’s a bargain for the cost.

Blendx’s hollow core bits are ideal for making clean, precise holes, whether you’re into DIY art or just need to run some wires. There are ten sizes available.

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  • Built to last with a sturdy carbon steel frame.
  • Amazingly accurate drilling.
  • Ten components are included in the package.
  • Able to be used with a broad variety of drills.
  • Uses up a lot of greases quickly.
  • Rapidly dulls ceramic surfaces.
DRILL PRO Diamond Hole Saw For Glass

DRILLPRO Diamond Hole Saw For Glass

  • ‎Metal Material
  • 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Glass , Stone , Porcelain , Ceramic , Wood , Marble

The lifespan of a drill bit is drastically reduced when working with challenging materials like glass. And if you’re like me and can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars on shiny new hardware weekly, you’ll love my next suggestion.

The DrillPro Diamond hole saw drill bits are an excellent and cheap solution for drilling holes in glass. The bits are compelling and efficient because of their nickel plating and natural diamond sand coating.


The drill bits also have a low incision resistance and a quick drilling rate. In addition, the bits are made in a way that helps clear the work area of chips and other debris as you drill.

Different Set 

What sold me on this set, though, was that it had 15 pieces of varying sizes, from 1/5-inch to 19/10-inch. Besides glass, you may use the pieces on ceramic. Just have water handy for lubrication purposes.


Thus, extreme caution must be exercised when drilling to avoid damaging the material. The parts may become ruined if you do that.

I suggest the DrillPro kit for those on a tighter budget. Because of the availability of 15 different sizes, you may accomplish a wide range of tasks. They’re long-lasting and sturdy, and the pricing is right.

  • Bits for drilling, numbering fifteen
  • Strong nickel with a diamond coating.
  • Maximal removal of chips.
  • Developed to offer little to no resistance to a surgical incision.
  • its can easily damage by too much force.
  • Overheating is a common problem with the bits.

Instructions for Using Glass Drill Bits to Make Holes in a Mirror (Step By Step)

Glass is a fragile material; thus, drilling into it is not as easy as drilling into wood. In contrast, the hardness may be diminished with the proper drill bit and technique. To drill through glass, you need to use a sharper drill bit and more suitable for the task. To remedy this, use any of the aforementioned glass drill bits..

Before heading out for practical, make sure you have these things:

  • A variable-speed drill
  • a level ground
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Lubricant (oil or water) (oil or water)
  • Strapping tape for painters
  • Armor for self-defence (gloves, safety glass, long tight pants)
  • Something to wipe your hands on
  • Cushion

Get ready

Cutting through glass presents a high risk of injury due to the shards of glass that can be released throughout the process. Therefore, all necessary safety gear must be worn before the start of the practice.

Fix the mirror in place and make a note of the coordinates.

The mirror should be placed on a flat, stable surface and then secured to the cardboard using painter’s tape to prevent it from moving around during drilling. Cushions can also regulate the hardness level, which can help reduce or eliminate movement. After that, use a permanent marker to indicate where you want to make your hole.

A diamond drill bit should be inserted.

When starting to drill, it is best to use a little diamond drill bit to make the pilot hole. It’s as efficient as you can make it, even if a huge hole is needed.

Begin the drilling immediately

To get a better start:

  1. Start the drill and hold it at a 45 degree angle to the mirror.
  2. Don’t freak out and break the glass without thinking it through.
  3. Remember that the mirror is easily cracked or broken if you use too much force, so just let the drill do its thing.

Maintain a level drill

After drilling the primary hole, the drill should be angled at a ninety-degree angle against the mirror for the following stage. The next step is further drilling.

Put on some grease

Applying oil to the drill regularly will protect it from overheating. The drill bit and other surfaces, such as glass, can be damaged by excessive heat.

Quietly finish the task at hand.

Again, keep your cool and complete the work without losing your composure. It might take 4–5 minutes for a standard mirror and 5–10 minutes for a mirror made from thicker glass. For extra-thick panes of glass when cracking is a concern, you can drill from both ends.

YouTube video


Can a regular drill bit drill glass?

A drill bit consisting of diamond or tungsten carbide is your best bet for drilling through glass. Avoid using a hammer drill if you’re using a diamond drill bit, as this will destroy the drill bit.

What kind of drill Do I need to drill glass?

To avoid damaging the surface, a carbide bit designed for cutting glass and tile should be used (see photos). These bits are commonly sold in home improvement stores with other drill bits and ceramic tile equipment. However, drilling into glass can be difficult due to the material’s high smoothness and hardness, which causes the bit to wander.


Glass is hard and brittle, making it a complex surface to drill through and necessitating the use of specific drill bits.

Thankfully, it is feasible if you have the correct equipment and methods.

The QWORK 5 Pcs Set Multi-Material Drill Bit Set for Glass is my favourite of the six options we discussed for the best drill bits for glass. It is possible to cut down on drilling time with this masonry drill bit set thanks to the arrowhead shape and spear-sharp tips.

There are five pieces of varying sizes included in the package. Keep the drill speed constant and the surface well-lubricated at all times.

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