Best Hammer Drill for Concrete For Your Project with Amazing Buying Guide

Do you have experience driving a nail or screw into that stone wall? Looking for something more straightforward than that boring drill? You can’t go through without a hammer drill. Here is the best hammer drill for concrete you will discover. You’ve reached the correct destination.

A hammer drill is relatively similar to a regular drill. However, a hammering mechanism drives the drill bit along. As the drill spins, it emits a pulsating force, simulating the effect of a hammer.

In addition to its standard drill functionality, a hammered drill also can hammer. It operates as a hammer, striking the bit as it rotates. The bit may now more easily penetrate the wall.

The Best Hammer Drill for Concrete- Reviews

1. Makita HR2641X1 Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete
2. Bosch Bulldog: Rotary Hammer Power Drill 
3. DEWALT Hammer Drill with Bluetooth DCD997B – Most Advanced
4. Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 Cordless Hammer Drills for Concrete
5. DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Impact Driver Combo Kit

What is the function of a hammer drill?

The hammer drill’s primary function is, without a doubt, to bore holes in hard materials like stone and brick. The hammer drill is a time- and labor-saving alternative to the standard drill for drilling through rigid materials. However, a corded hammer drill has a robust motor powered by outlets. As a result, the power drill will have no trouble penetrating older, harder concrete.

What is the function of a hammer drill

As a result, corded hammer drills are the tool of choice for severe Dyers and construction workers when undertaking challenging drilling projects. The mobility of a corded hammer drill can be further upon by employing an extra-long extension cable.

How Many Type of Hammer Drill

They have two types, hammer, and rotary drill. The pounding force produced by hammer drills and rotary hammers (also known as rotary hammer drills) makes them both ideal for blasting through masonry. The bit in the hammer drill chisels away at the stonework as the drill rotates. What differentiates these two instruments is the mechanical method that generates this hammering motion.

Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill

One side of a hammer drill’s two discs is textured like a poker chip’s, and the other is smooth. The chuck of a hammer drill is jerked forth and back while two spinning discs move past one other and rise and fall. A clutch will separate the discs and halt the hammering motion if the chuck is disengaged. It’s a cost-saver in the long run. Turning off the hammering motion on many hammer drills transforms the tool into a standard drill.

 Rotary Hammer

The hitting motion of a rotary hammer is generated by a piston connected to a crankshaft. The forward motion of the piston, which is housed in a cylinder, generates air pressure, which in turn powers the hammer mechanism. The impact energy of a rotary hammer is significantly higher than a hammer drill.

Best Hammer Drill for Concrete

They last significantly longer and are the go-to equipment for experts. Most rotary hammers also have a hammer setting, so they may be used as a little jackhammer, which is another great benefit. To begin with, let’s get one thing out of the way: a rotary hammer is more expensive than a hammer drill.

What are the Advantages of Hammer Drill

Hard materials like stone and concrete are no match for a hammer drill. There are two primary categories, corded and wireless. Cordless drills are pretty convenient in that respect. However, the corded versions are the way to go if you need some oomph. Both experts and do-it-yourself tend to favor those.

Hammer Drill
Hammer Drill

The hammer drill’s many functions make it an invaluable tool for any project, whether around the house or a skyscraper. Switch to the regular mode to make essential holes for your home improvement projects. In addition, the hammer setting is ideal for heavy-hole punching on construction sites. You can simply bypass their defenses if you have this.

A cordless concrete hammer drill is a convenient and portable option for the do-it-yourselfer. However, the reduced power of cordless models means they will have limited utility. Thus, corded ones are preferable due to their adaptability. Whether concrete or wood, your drill would do quick work of both. That being the case, there seems to be little point in further deliberation. A hammer drill is essential for this task.

Elements to Select the Best Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete

While shopping for a high-powered hammer drill for your next job, several crucial considerations should be considered. First, find one with a variable speed trigger for more precise control, and then determine whether you want one that runs on batteries or is plugged in.

Best Corded Hammer Drill

The second item to consider is the different modes of operation since even a standard drill will often feature a variable speed trigger. With the best hammer drills, Hammer drilling in masonry, softer materials (like wood), and screw driving are all possible with the best hammer drills. It’s just a matter of finding the correct drill bits.


Do you consider a gadget helpful if it is too cumbersome to move around? Or, perhaps you’d instead perform high-power operations like drilling using a lightweight device. But, again, well-balanced equipment is essential, regardless of its function.

Working with a heavy hammered drill can tire you out. On the other hand, a lightweight instrument won’t be up to the task at hand. So always consider the weight of the tool you intend to use.

Modifying Velocity:

Any drill machine worth its salt can adjust its speed as needed. A dial or trigger should allow you to adjust the hammer drill’s speed. You can check for numbered dials on the machine to see whether they correspond to the variable speed settings.

Some machines may adjust the amount of pressure on the speed trigger for greater accuracy. The fact that it only one hand to operate is an added bonus.

Methods of Drilling:

The drilling mode is another crucial factor when shopping for the right hammer drill. They typically have two primary settings: hammer mode and standard drill mode. Switch between modes to find the most effective one for the given substance. The machine’s adaptability is enhanced by its “drill mode.”

Value of a Hammer Drill:

When deciding which equipment is ideal for the job, it’s essential to keep costs in mind. High-end doesn’t always mean top-notch. Like any other product, Drill machines may be expensive if they come packed with extras.

You should focus on getting a hammer drill with the functions you’ll use. The best offer may be filtered out more quickly if the pricing is optimized in this way.


You can do your assignment more quickly the more power you have. Larger motors typically have roughly ten amps compared to a conventional hammer drill motor’s seven amps. Therefore, the motor will provide more power the larger it is. The size and weight of hammer drill manufacturers with more excellent engines will vary.

Dual Handles

Dual Handles

For your protection, the finest hammer drill for concrete and other materials has to include safety measures. This is why you’ll typically find two handles. The auxiliary handle aids in maintaining a steady grip during drilling, and it also makes the process more bearable. Comfort and ergonomics in holding the side handle are paramount. Additionally, they should have the capacity to absorb tension.

Different Working Modes

The best hammer drills have a selection switch or numerous modes of operation that give the user flexibility in their use. Typically, rotary drilling and rotary-plus-hammer drilling are the options available when using a hammer drill with several operating modes.

This is advantageous since it enables you to complete your regular drilling and driving tasks using the rotary method. When working on masonry, though, you may easily switch to the hammer capabilities. As a result, you’ll get more flexibility and excellent on-the-job adaptability with just one reasonable practice.

Brushless Motor

YouTube video

Make sure a brushless motor drives the cordless model you pick. A brushless motor is the most important power source since it is efficient, produces greater power, and can be easily combined with a battery pack. These high-torque motors can double the amount of time your hammer drill can run between battery changes, in comparison to a conventional brushed motor. You need to be cautious when using that improvement.

Makita HR2641X1 Corded Hammer Drill for Concrete


A strong 8 amp motor is included with the Makita 1′′ AVT Rotary Hammer to provide a smooth drilling experience. Smooth operation throughout work is ensured by the integrated Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT).

makita hr2641X1 corded hammer drill for concrete

Variable Techniques

The device can be used in one of three distinct ways. The options are “Rotation only,” “Hammering with rotation,” and “Chipping only.” With the help of a hammer function selector that is conveniently situated below the gearbox, you may choose the mode that is appropriate for you.

D-shaped grip

The ergonomic D-shaped grip for the drill machine is included. The handle has a smooth rubberized grip, providing excellent control and comfort.

Great Performance

Performance, power, and minimal vibration are all combined in the concrete hammer drill. So, the drill can be used for many different purposes. An angle grinder is another item included in the toolbox. However, This strong grinder might be pretty helpful in the event of additional labor.

As a result, the Makita hammer drill is among the best-corded hammer drills available.

Key Specifications:

  • Powerful 8 AMP motor
  • Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Recessed hammer function


  • Eight amps of driving power.
  • Vibration-reduction technology (AVT).
  • Operation in three modes for flexibility.
  • The handle was held by ergonomic rubber.
  • It has a retractable tool hook attached.


  • Upon overload, it heats up.
  • Somewhat heavier.
  • The price is a bit expensive.

Bosch Bulldog: Rotary Hammer Power Drill


Despite its size, the Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Hammer Power Drill is surprisingly lightweight and convenient for working on concrete.

bosch bulldog rotary hammer power drill

Multi-Purpose Switch

It’s easy to get the work done quickly with this hammer drill thanks to its multi-spin selector. In addition, this corded hammer drill has a variable-speed reversing trigger to give the operator a precise bit start.

Various-Lock Function

Additionally, the chisel may be rotated and locked into a wide position using the various-lock function, allowing the operator to operate at the ideal angle. Finally, the operator can drill concrete precisely thanks to the revolving brush plate’s innovative design, which guarantees equal power in both forward and backward directions.

Great Manufacturer

A 35-degree pivot was added by the manufacturer to the cable turret as a decorative element to increase flexibility and lengthen cord life. In addition, the D-handle grip design guarantees more control and a pleasant drilling season, and its incorporated clutch will aid reduce torque reaction.

It contains a revolving brush plate that is proprietary to Bosch.

Key Specifications:

  • 3 modes of operation
  • vibration control
  • 7.5 amp motor produces 0.1,300 RPM


  • Equally influential in both directions.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Ergonomic planning.
  • Utilizable with ease.


  • Housing made of thin plastic.

DEWALT Hammer Drill with Bluetooth DCD997B – Most Advanced


We only look at the DCD997B’s Bluetooth functionality because it is a reasonably priced brushless hammer drill. 

dewalt hammer drill with bluetooth DCD997B – most advanced

Amazing Feature

While standing 10 meters away from the gadget, you may turn it on, use it to its maximum capacity, and keep an eye on how it’s doing with the help of its proprietary Tool-Connect innovative software.

You really shouldn’t put a hole in the wall like that, but having friends on your squad could be useful. Because of this, it is a true treasure of a tool for project managers.

Smoothly Performance

Thanks to the variable-speed brushless motor, the drill operates smoothly at any speed you select. There is merely the soothing sound of the engine humming—no pulsating or clacking. Instead, it feels like manipulating a soft toy when you hold it and use it to drill through any material, including the toughest.


Despite being lightweight, it can deliver a tremendous punch thanks to two of the most powerful 9Ah batteries we’ve ever seen in a cordless hammer drill.

If you get this contemporary piece of technology, the greater responsibility will assist you in maintaining a stress-free life.

Key Specifications:

  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 3-Mode LED provides lighting in dark


  • Use a proprietary Bluetooth app to control and keep track of the item from a distance.
  • Three different RPM settings
  • The durability is increased with a brushless motor.
  • 9Ah batteries for heavy-duty use that may last for hours without recharging


  • Utilizing the app might be challenging.

Milwaukee 2607-20 M18 Cordless Hammer Drills for Concrete


More torque means more power when using a hammer drill, which is common knowledge. 

milwaukee 2607-20 M18 cordless hammer drills for concrete

Rotation Mode

We also know that the maximum RPM that a cordless drill can achieve without causing damage when drilling through concrete is around 1500.

Because of this, this Milwaukee drill provides anywhere from 0-400 to 0-1800 revolutions per minute (RPM) and up to 500 inches-lbs of torque. This power is sufficient for me to have a successful concrete drilling experience.


As a result of its lightweight construction and compact design, I tested this drill’s durability by using it to drill concrete for several hours straight.

Led light made drilling in dark concrete a breeze.


Plus, it has a more sturdy design than its competitor, thanks to a unique combination of earth magnets used in its construction. Finally, the redlink intelligence function that warned me if I tried to overwork the drill was further proof of the drill’s incredible durability.

Key Specifications:



  • Powerful 500 ft-lb of torque and 0-400/0-1,800 RPMs are available from a Milwaukee 4-pole frameless motor.
  • Bright LEDs shed light where it’s dim
  • 1/2-Inch Metal Single-Sleeve Chuck with Ratcheting Lock
  • Condensed Structure.
  • Case and Chuck Are Made Of Meta.
  • Intelligent REDLINK technology with superior overload safeguards



DEWALT 20V MAX Brushless Impact Driver Combo Kit


One might imagine that both pros and amateurs would appreciate the features of this DeWalt combination kit. When drilling into masonry, the cordless hammer drill makes quick work of the task. Oversized fasteners, such as deck screws, are no match for the impact driver.

dewalt 20V max brushless impact driver combo Kit

Strongly performed

The DeWalt hammer drill delivers tremendous torque and force when drilling into concrete. The hammer drill and battery will last through half a dozen holes without slowing down. The hammer drill’s 20-volt, 4-amp-hour battery can keep going and going, so it’s best to avoid exhausting your hands and wrists before the tool dies. The leverage bar is composed of plastic, which is sturdy but may have a cheap feel.

Speed Mode

There are three speeds available and a narrow head on this impact driver. With this tool, I could drive screws into pine wood without needing an impact action. But the impact action kicked in when I tried to drive screws into a piece of ash wood, and I could do it more rapidly and efficiently. Like a well-oiled machine, the impact is swift and smooth. Overall, it’s a fantastic bargain of a bundle.

11-position clutch

This drill features an 11-position clutch and a 1/2-inch chuck for maximum durability. Drive even the most extensive fittings quickly and consistently with the impact driver’s high torque and 3,600 hits per minute. Each tool only weighs 3.4 pounds, yet they pack a punch.

Key Specifications:

  • high performance (0-2,000 rpm)
  • fast drilling in masonry materials


  • Bag to store and carry items.
  • Speed of 2,000 RPM
  • Equipped with an impact driver
  • An additional handle and a backup power source are detachable.


  • Battery life is a limiting factor in cordless operation.
  • Very costly


Can hammer drills drill through concrete?

A hammer drill is your best bet if you need to drill into any lightweight masonry. You may use it to make holes in masonry and concrete with ease. However, it can also repair rare cracks or holes in freshly poured concrete.

Is a hammer drill better for concrete?

While it may be tempting to use any old drill, a hammer drill is the most effective tool for drilling into concrete, brick, stone, or masonry.

Can I use a cordless hammer drill for concrete?

Usually, this is the case. Concrete can be drilled with a cordless drill, but it won’t be as powerful as a corded one. The efficiency with which you can drill through the concrete will depend on the drill’s battery life and other characteristics.


For the best hammer drills on the market today, we recommend DEWALT and Makita. After researching and testing dozens of models from various manufacturers, including Milwaukee and Black & Decker, we got to this conclusion.

The DEWALT DWD520K is the best hammer drill on the market because of its strong motor and adaptability, but the Makita HR2641X1 is our top pick for cordless power.

Our brief and in-depth tutorials will help you make a well-informed choice. Please explore our top three options if you’re still unsure. Of course, if you’re evaluating your tool based on price, features, and brand loyalty, then reading the reviews is still a brilliant idea.

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