How to Drill a Straight Hole – Easy Steps

The hole must be straight if you’re drilling a hole through a solid surface like a wall. Not all the time, of course. To create an angled aperture, you may need to use a drill. Now you will see How to Drill a straight hole.

Drilling straight holes are as simple as keeping the drill straight throughout the procedure. If you get a drill bit started, it’s hard to stop.

Drilling a straight hole is as simple as keeping the drill stationary. While it may be more challenging to ensure that the square hole is perpendicular, various handmade and store-bought gadgets may aid in the process. Some can even get close to the precision of a drill press in terms of accuracy.

The process of drilling straight holes can be accomplished in several ways. Using store-bought equipment is preferable to making your drill guides, which you can do if you choose.

A Straight Hole

A drill press is an obvious solution when straight and accurate holes are required. It is, however, more common to carry the work parts to the drill rather than vice versa. Using a drill press-like accessory with a hand drill is a possibility sometimes, although it isn’t always feasible. 

Add-ons like these can be pretty helpful in certain situations. For example, it is possible to use a drilling block to drill several straight or perpendicular holes. Unfortunately, it’s common for hardwood drilling blocks to be constructed and custom-built to suit the task since they are simply a block of wood with a pre-drilled hole.

Because of this, they need to be at least as wide and deep to work. Generally, they’ll be built by the woodworker on demand. To prevent excessive block wear while drilling into solid material, most twist drills only cut through material at the point of impact rather than cutting through it from all directions simultaneously.

However, lubricating the drill bit’s sides is advised to extend the drill block’s service life. Carpenters used to keep a lump of beeswax in their toolbox just in case. Unfortunately, your neighborhood hardware store is unlikely to carry beeswax these days.

It’s possible to use hand soap in its place, but you’ll have to reapply it more frequently because it’s not as lasting as lubrication soap. Before using, just run a bar of soap along the drill bit’s side.

The Points to Keep in Mind when Drill Straight Hole

The type of drill being used and the type of wood being drilled are other essential considerations. Digging into the wood with different grain densities can cause it to be somewhat dragged by the grain as the drill progresses, assuming the grain runs in an inverted position and is heavy enough. It is best to use caution while selecting material. Hardwoods with a tighter grain are easier to drill. 

The “hardwood” relates to the density or tightness of the grain. Which is legally defined by the sort of leaves that the tree produces, not the hardness of the wood itself. The slicing tip or nose of the drill bit will also have an effect.

It is common to refer to “wood drills” as a type of Brad point drill bit or W bit, although numerous other types of bits may be used to drill wood. In this situation, they should be used.

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How to Drill a Straight Hole

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We’ll show you the three steps to drill a straight hole. In the below session, we mention those steps. Let’s start!

  • A Drill That You Can Use With Your Hands
  • Drill Press
  • Be Imaginative 

A Drill That You Can Use With Your Hands

Prepare your handheld drill for use by following these steps. Before drilling into any surface, you should use your wooden block as a guideline.

Place a square on your work piece to quickly and easily make a perpendicular hole. Place the drill’s body against the square’s top and side when drilling.

Using a speed or try square, which both have flat sides to aid the square in standing upright, is the ideal approach.

Alternatively, a block of wood with one end square cut can be used without a square. Instead, make a hole in the wood the same diameter as the one you drilled in your work surface.

The next step is to indicate the location on the wall with a marker. Then finally, align the hole in the wood with the mark.

Using your drill bits, you must select the correct size drill for the hole you want to make. Then, slowly drill into the wall after passing the drill through the hole in the wood block.

This procedure has certain downsides since not all drill bits are right on top or along their sides. In addition, the drill bit may be at an angle if the body of the drill is not perfectly aligned with the square.

Even yet, the majority of drill bodies are relatively flat and adjustable.

Drill Press

To get perfectly straight holes, you can use another tool. You’ll need to prepare the surface in advance, just like a portable drill.

Step 1

To start, pick a solid bit of wood or plastic and set it on the drill’s surface. As a guide, use this to drill a hole through your preferred material.

If you’re having trouble keeping the wood or plastic in place at the top of the drill, consider using a little hot glue to secure it in place for you instead.

Step 2

Refer to the drill bit now, and then draw a parallel line from the drill bit. Once you’ve done this, cut the block along the drawn line.

Another alternative is constructing an ‘L’ shaped stand out of plywood. You’ll have a reference point precisely 90 degrees from your work surface, which means you’ll get incredibly accurate results.

Step 3

Once you’ve set up your reference blocks, you’re ready to drill your holes straight.

Rather than depending on your eyes to keep your drill press from moving, you may use reference blocks to stabilize it.

Be Imaginative

You’re looking for a fast way to make a square hole. Drilling guides may be made from things you have around the house.

If you don’t have a wood block on hand, you may alternatively use a CD or guide attachment. Place the label side of the CD on the work piece and position it over the desired hole to begin drilling. A hole in the disc should be prepared using a drill bit that’s set to go straight down.

Consider using a drill guide attachment to ensure a perfectly straight line. When using them, you may adjust the depth and angle of your hole, just like drill presses.

The attachment and drill should be placed over your surface, aligned, and drilled down.

How to Drill a Straight Hole without Drill Press

First, let’s go through the most frequent techniques for drilling straight holes.

1st Method: Make Your Drill Guide

It’s possible to buy a portable drill guide from a hardware shop, but why would you? Wood or metal may be used to create your own. This is a simple method for achieving the desired angle.

Using a clamp, two objects may be held together. To ensure that the materials are square:

  1. Use a 90-degree angle.
  2. Wait for the glue to cure before moving on.
  3. Drill a hole on one side and attach a string to it for safety.

2nd Method: Using a Drill Bit Guide

As a result, drill bit guides are an excellent solution since they will not harm your drill bits. Just set the drill bit guide over the desired location to begin drilling Having a firm hold on your drill and drill bit guide is critical. Then, make a straight run down the drill bit.

3rd Method: A Drill Block 

Since the drill block has holes of many sizes and shapes, it’s possibly the most beneficial tool. Using a wide variety of drill bits and drilling angles is possible because of this.. It is possible to drill large or small holes, and straight holes may be drilled at various angles.

4th Method: Get Innovative

If you don’t have a drill press but still want to drill a straight hole, there’s an easy way to do it. Several of these items may already be present in your house or vehicle… In addition, several home goods might help you, such as CDs and Legos.

The label side down, center it over where you need to drill the hole, and then drill. Next, use your drill bit to make a hole in the middle of the disc’s hole. The drill bit should be positioned such that its reflection lines up with the CD.

Begin drilling, keeping the CD in place while looking at the reflected image on the surface of the CD.

An L-shape may be formed by putting together many components. First, to ensure that the L is at a 90-degree angle, place it against a square object like a protractor or a wall. Next, drill through the Lego piece you’ve just built. Maintain your position until the drilling is complete.

How to Drill 90° Straight Hole without Drill Press

The rule of thumb is to maintain all your drill holes parallel to the surface, except when you deliberately select an angle or bias. There are many times when a hand drill/driver will be enough to finish the work, such as drilling into a wall or cabinets door. However, the bubble level on many drills is only helpful in particular conditions, and most walls are not perfectly flat or straight.

Portable drill guides can be purchased as an alternative method of jig acquisition. Big Gator Tools’ version (seen below) is a good example. You may, of course, buy one, but it’s vital to know that you can also make one at home for free using wood scraps.

An L-shaped piece of wood may be made using two pieces of wood and a square, glue, clamps, and adhesive. 

Make a simple L-shape out of some scrap hardwood by gluing it together. A flawless 90-degree corner can only be achieved by gluing and clamping the blocks together against a square.

To make storing easier, wait until the glue has dried before drilling a hole in one side and attaching some thread or wire. This is where I keep my drill, a few bits, a level, and drywall anchors for little jobs, all in one place. You don’t have to worry about harming your drill bits or scattering metal shavings if you accidentally cut the square with the rotating drill bit.

It’s as simple as pressing both sides of the drill on the bit and taking a reading on your drill level. Then, flip it over to see it from all angles. Then, glue together another one if it wears out from whirling pieces!

How to Drill A Straight Hole On A Curved Surface

A drill press with a V-block or vise is the most frequent method for drilling challenging holes. Drilling a hole in a spherical surface or item falls under this category.

You should always take your time locating the exact area where you want to drill a hole. When drilling into a curved surface, having a Drill Pilot on hand may be beneficial.

If you don’t have a handy tool, you may always try to accomplish it by hand instead. It’s possible to suffer harm if you make a blunder or stumble. No matter what method you use, always begin by securing your object in a vice and using safety eye wear.

Begin by drilling a minimal yet sufficient amount of material using a tiny drill bit. Using a straight angle or T-square, guide yourself and your drill into the giant hole.

To verify the hole’s precision, remove the drill bit and line it up with a right angle on the spot.


What are drill patterns?

Each item has its own set of drilling patterns used in the manufacturing process. For example, enclosure objects are marked with the kind and position of cut-outs and drill holes.

How do you evenly space an object?

Take measurements of the available area and the items you plan on placing there to achieve an equitable spacing between two existing spots. Then, divide the sum of the two by the number of things you intend to insert between them.


As simple as using a drill press, it is not always the best strategy for drilling a straight hole. To create your own tool, you can choose from a wide variety of commercial and do-it-yourself options.

Portable drill guides, drill bit guides, and drill blocks are the most effective ways to drill a straight hole. If you’re in a hurry, these items are readily available at your local hardware store, but they may also be made from scratch if you have the time.

Even if you don’t have time to manufacture or acquire the other suggested tools, you may still utilize ordinary things like CDs or Legos. Keep them in position while drilling, and you’ll have a square hole instantly.

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