How to Hang Plants from Ceiling without Drilling The Amazing Guide

Plants brighten up a room and help to purify the air. With a bit of help from plants, you’ll be able to give your home a more vibrant and welcoming vibe. In addition, new research shows that plants are beneficial to your mental and psychological well-being since they lower stress and anxiety levels. Now here we discuss how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling.

Plant arrangements in the home can be made in a variety of ways. There are several ways to display them, like putting them on the wall or hanging them from a ceiling. Because of this, you may be restricted in the alterations you make to your walls and top if you rent or lease your home instead.

Even in tight quarters, there are many choices for draping plants from the ceiling and walls. Then, how can you decorate your walls and ceilings with live plant life? Learn how to hold a plant from the ceiling without drilling by reading this article.

Is it Possible to Hang Plants from a Ceiling Without Drilling?

No need to drill holes or install hooks when you can just hang plants from the ceiling!. Using specific, time-tested do-it-yourself techniques and modern technologies, anyone can accomplish it. You can make use of a variety of items from the following categories:

  • Clamps
  • Plants can be hung on tension rods.
  • Magnets with a high field strength
  • Hooks with removable adhesive
  • Repurposed plant stand made from an old ladder
  • Hang potted plants from coat racks

You don’t need to drill holes in your ceilings to hang plants with these simple techniques.. You may develop new and intriguing approaches to exhibiting your plants with ingenuity. Do not go around drilling holes in everything.

How to Hang Plants from Ceiling without Drilling with Different Ways 

Use of a Tension Rod

Another fantastic all-rounder, tension rods are inexpensive, won’t harm your walls, and don’t even need to touch the ceiling. Traditionally used for curtains, tension rods are another excellent all-rounder. They attach to the wall with suction cups on either side, allowing you to display as many plants as you’d like without creating a tangle. In addition, you may take your plants with you when you move because this is one of the most excellent methods for hanging indoor plants.

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It’s a great way to mix up your plant display whenever you want if you cannot resist buying more plants. It’s as simple as attaching some rope, chain, or macrame holder to your potted plant.

S. Hooks

S hooks are ideal when using a rack, rail, or hook to hang plants. The S hooks are all you need if you already have a curtain rod or other wall fixture! They’re also quite reasonably priced and are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Plants are the easiest and most cost-effective way to decorate your house, and we love how many different ways they can be used. It works great for me! I use S hooks to hang plants from my curtain rod. Pothos, for example, is an excellent choice for a hanging plant.

Hooked Wall Hanging Planters

Hanging plants in the house has never been easier. Again, it’s a terrific way to save space while bringing some color to your bare walls. These plastic wall hanging planters are lightweight and come pre-attached with adhesive hooks, making installation a breeze. I can’t wait to try these out!!

An Organizer for Clothes

Think beyond the box – or even the closet – and you may devise a creative answer. For example, an intelligent way to display all of your plants is to either up cycle an old clothing rack or purchase a new one. Watering should be a lot easier with all of them in one spot. Put a humidifier at the bottom of the clothing rack, which will do wonders.

One or more bottom shelves integrated into a garment rail is an obvious choice for those who want to decorate with their favorite living, breathing items. Your green thumb will shine through with this creative approach to exhibiting plants hanging from the ceiling and placed in rows on the floor.

A Stand for a Coat or Hat

Coat and hat racks make excellent indoor plant hangers to make the most of small stairwells and hallways. Make sure to pick one with hooks that extend straight out of the middle, not at an angle, since this is what you’re looking for.

There are several ways to use S-hooks or macrame holders to create this look, no matter how little your available area may be. Hanging your plant propagation stations from these coat stands is a great idea.

Adhesive Hooks for the Wall or Ceiling

Without a box of heavy-duty multi-purpose hooks, I don’t know what to do! It is possible to hang them from a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, and marble. They’re great for hanging plants from the ceiling because each can support up to 22 pounds.

This is an excellent place to start if you want to hang anything from the ceiling without having to drill any holes. I have at least ten of them in my house, and I use them to display my glossy green-leaved beauty in various locations, from the bottom of a shelf to the ceiling of my bathroom.

Skylight Suction Hooks

If you’re lucky enough to have a skylight that lets you gaze up at the stars, consider yourself quite fortunate. If your roof window has a smooth glass surface, you may use suction hooks to create a novel method to display your prized houseplants.

Skylight Suction Hooks
Skylight Suction Hooks

These hooks are ideal as long as you don’t have a plant that weighs more than 13 pounds. Your home will appear like a tropical rain forest if you get them all year long.

Hooks For Over The Door

The rows of over-the-door hooks are standard, but did you know that you can also buy packs of individual clips? These are great for hanging plants from the railings of my stairway.

Ten plants may be hung from the doors in your home; whether they are doors between rooms or closet doors if you get a set of them. Since the ones we’ve discovered stand upright, they’re ideal for displaying plants on the back of the door.

A Shelving Ladder That Leans

Interior designers have long favored leaning ladders; my family is no exception. So why not combine industrial and slightly eccentric storage with little floor space? It’s a win-win situation.

Once you’re done putting this together, you can just rest it against a wall to exhibit your favorite indoor plants. There’s plenty of room for all your new plants on the five shelves, which get wider toward the bottom. For example, my babies Tradescantia Nanouk and Stromanthe Triostar look amazing on my ladder shelf.

Wooden Ladder in Rustic Style

Look no farther than this rustic wooden blanket ladder for your wedding decor. Instead of using the treads as steps, you might use them to hang pots of greenery or flowers.

Wooden Ladder in Rustic Style
Wooden Ladder in Rustic Style

To match any decor, the six rungs come in black and white. To create the illusion of a vertical hanging garden, use chains or S-hooks.

Holders for Air Plants on the Wall

There must be some special item of interest to you.? Unfortunately, one-of-a-kind air plant holders like these are hard to find. However, if you have a vertical wall or ceiling, you may creatively use them to exhibit air plants (tillandsia).

Just stick it to the wall with the included 3M adhesive tape, then insert your air plant between the stainless steel wire prongs of the white silicone stand.

Metal Hooks with Magnetic Attachment

The next time you enter your apartment or home, take a peek skyward. Is there anything metallic up there? You may use solid magnetic hooks to suspend your ceiling if it has a metal-air vent.

If you have one, the underside of a metal shelf might work well for hanging them. If the total weight of your plant and its pot is less than 22 pounds, you’ve got a winner on your hands!

Macrame Plant Holders 

Using several different types of thread, macrame pot holders are a growing fad that shows no signs of waning. A built-in hanging hook allows you to quickly and easily hang your plant after you’ve placed it inside.

The six-piece set in light grey, soft caramel, or cream is one of our favorites, and it’s a fantastic deal. Any plant with a diameter of eight inches or less may fit in these macrame plant carriers.. The Pothos, Philodendron, and Tradescantia Nanouk look their best when hung from these macrame plant holders.

Hanging Macrame Shelves

The prettiest macrame hanging shelves available right now are as adorable as the macrame pot holders you’ve already seen.

Hanging Macrame Shelves
Hanging Macrame Shelves

These macrame shelves will make your display look charming even if you’re using suction-cup hooks, magnetic hooks, or some other method of hanging your pots. Of course, you may use them to showcase other cherished possessions, as the shelves’ height can be adjusted.


How can I hang plants from the ceiling without nails?

You can suspend your plant from the ceiling using a magnet hook and a wall magnet. A compelling, magnetic curve may be obtained by purchasing a magnet plate with a connected theme. A metal fixture or an air vent on your ceiling can be used. As a hook for the hook to be attached to. Use a hook to suspend the hanging plant from your room’s ceiling.

How do you put a hook in the ceiling without a drill?

With your free hand, grasp a screw hook and press it firmly into an area of the ceiling. While attempting to hand-screw the screw into the ceiling, apply pressure by pushing up on the screw. It should be easy to screw the screw hook into the wood using a screwdriver.


You don’t need to breach walls or drill holes to take advantage of all those additional locations in your house for potted plants. However, the usage of a good site might be hindered by various factors, including differing structures or elevations.

Any other choice is to get outside and devise novel strategies for using such spare spaces without damaging the surrounding structures or creating holes in them. For example, there are numerous methods to hold plants from a ceiling without drilling..

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