M12 Vs M18 Drill The Exclusive Difference Between Both Drill Tools

The quality of your workshop’s tools reveals how skilled you are at what you do. Many clients will flock to your clinic if you have high-quality equipment since they know they can get the most outstanding results. The excellent tools from Milwaukee Tool can elevate your profession if you seek the ideal set for your job. Many utilities may be found in its library, organized by the operating system under which they’re intended to be used. This gets us to the M12 vs M18 comparison debate, in which we look at their characteristics and determine where they perform best.

In this article, we’ll take you through a detailed look at the M12 and the M18 to better grasp what they are and how they differ.

What is A M12 Drill

Whenever you think of cordless or cordless-capable power tools, you probably think of Milwaukee Tools. You don’t have to worry about getting caught in a rope as you move with them from place to place. It is because the tools are battery-powered that they need to be recharged. When powering their M12 devices, Milwaukee will rely on M12 batteries. A comparison of m12 and m18 impact wrench sizes

There are M12 batteries with a 12V voltage, and they are compatible with all M12 devices. When attached to your M12 tool, these batteries become even more portable thanks to their small weight. There is a lot to like about the Milwaukee M12 XC battery that you can use to power your Milwaukee 12V equipment.

Its 100-gram weight is one of its most notable features, making it an ideal power tool accessory. For example, it may be used with Milwaukee Tool M12 cordless equipment, including drills, saws, and lights. An essential aspect of this battery to keep in mind is the REDLINK intelligence system.

Your battery will be protected from overcharging and overheating thanks to this system’s entire system connectivity. In addition, coordinating the tool with the battery and charger is made easier with the communication between every component in the system.

It can be used in all sorts of weather and has a high power discharge, giving you an idea of its adaptability. When in operation, the battery’s strong base ensures its stability. In terms of performance, this battery is identical to other M12 Milwaukee batteries.

It’s important to note that M12 batteries come in two flavors: small and high performance. Compact M12 batteries are smaller and lighter than conventional NiCD batteries. There are three options for run time: 1.5, 2, and 3-amp hours. It is anticipated that the high-performance models would have an amp-hour rating of 3, 4, or 6 hours.

What is A M18 Drill

On the other hand, we have M18 devices, and we’ll pay attention to their batteries in the M12 as for the M18 debate. However, before we go into the batteries, let’s discuss the M18 vs. M18 gasoline argument. Both devices share comparable characteristics, such as an operating voltage of 18 volts; hence, they fall under the same M18 system.

However, their motor design is different. Compared to the M18 heavy machinery, the M18 fuel has brush less motors, which are significantly powerful. A comparison of the Milwaukee M12 and the Milwaukee M18 on Reddit

Cordless tools powered by 18-volt batteries, such as the M18, are more potent than those powered by 12-volt batteries. Three varieties of M18 batteries are available for purchase: standard, XC, and high demand. The standard version has between 1.5 and 2 amp-hours capacity in terms of runtime. Even simple domestic tasks like drilling a few holes in the wall may be accomplished with this.

In addition, the XC has a run time of 3, 4, 5, and 6 minutes. The XC battery is ideal for moderately demanding tasks that need a high power output over an extended time. This battery is perfect if you’re running a workshop requiring significant time and effort.

Heavy-duty and time-consuming tools, such as an outside table or a miter saw, require a high-demand battery. The M18 RedLIthium is a no-brainer.. There are about 175 M18 power tools that this battery may use.

In severely cold weather, specific tools may not be able to start, but the battery will keep them running. In addition, it is long-lasting if properly used and maintained. The battery weighs just 29 grams, so it won’t put any burden on your Milwaukee utility when it’s installed. Its REDLINK intelligence technology makes the battery more efficient and prevents overheating.

What is the Difference Between M12 Vs M18 Drill

Regarding high-quality power tools, Milwaukee has always been the brand of choice. There is a wide range of things to choose from, whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

m12 vs m18 drill

Milwaukee’s M12 and M18 are two of the most famous options for its customers. However, if you’re having trouble deciding between the two, here are a few key differences:

There are two types of batteries:

The M12 and M18 cordless tools are both available. Because they are portable, you can do your work anywhere and whenever you choose. Electricity or a plug are not required. Because there are no wires, you may walk about freely and aren’t constrained by the cable’s length.

M18 Drill Battery
M12 Drill Battery

Batteries for the M12 and M18 Models are Different.

However, the M12 and M18 batteries have different characteristics. The power source for M12 is a pair of 12-volt batteries. M18, on the other hand, has an 18-volt battery pack. These batteries can’t be switched since they are customized to fit the specific power needs of each tool series.

M12 Batteries come in two varieties.

Because of their small weight, M12 batteries are a popular choice. Furthermore, they come in two varieties: 1.5, 2, and 3 amps are available in the compact battery.

These batteries are best suited for heavy-duty applications with a capacity of either 3, 4, or 5 amps.

M18 Milwaukee Batteries are available in three different varieties

The M18 Milwaukee tools have three battery options:

One of the smallest and lightest options is the Red Lithium CP.

In 3, 4, 5, or 6 amps, the Red Lithium XC battery is available.

The Red Lithium High Demand Battery with 12 amps may be used for the most demanding applications.

Battery Life Is Exceptional for Both Batteries

Despite their differing specs, both batteries are made of high-quality materials. They operate well in all weather conditions. You may use them with any instruments from that particular series, making them flexible.

Product Offerings

When comparing the Milwaukee M12 and M18, it’s essential to look at their respective product lines. Before deciding on a lineup, check to see whether it has the players you want… In any case, M12 and M18 are guaranteed to function better than any other brand on the market today.

Lineup Tools for M12

The following is a list of some of the M12’s more unique accessories:

Infrared torque wrenches

A cable slicing tool

The tube cutter


Riveting tool.

Staple gun for crowns

A caulk and adhesive gun

Press the tool

a hex hydraulic power unit

Impact drivers and impact wrenches are interchangeable

The hammer drill

Tools from the M18 Series

Meanwhile, here are a few of the M18’s most popular power tools:



Use a right-angle drill

Knock-out device

Press tool with a long-throw cable cutter


An additional piece of equipment


Finish nailer with an angle.

The impact wrench and the dust extractor

In addition, there are several applications for

Do-It-Yourselves Can Make Use of M12 Power Tools.

The two Milwaukee power tool lines, are also distinct in terms of their intended use. We recommend the M12 for those who enjoy easy DIY projects. Aesthetics are prioritized over functionality, and this is reflected in their design. You may still benefit from this method even if you’re a complete novice. They can do most light-duty chores.

The New and Improved M18 Tool set

There are claims that it will be more durable and long-lasting than the M18 tools. Therefore, professional contractors that require heavy-duty equipment should consider this choice. In addition, compared to M12, they feature more excellent technological specifications.


Because of the variations in their intended uses, the two tools are built slightly differently. M18 power tools, on the other hand, are more robust due to their design for high-stress applications. They may also be a tad heavier as a result. Despite the latter’s shortcomings, you can be sure they’ll last because of their ergonomic design.

Weight and Dimensions

Most people look at the impact drill’s size and weight before purchasing. However, having a tool you can keep working with for a long time is critical.

Compact and lightweight impact drills like Milwaukee 2404-20 and 2801-20 have always been produced by the firm as it has grown older.

For those looking for a lightweight option, Milwaukee 2404-20 and 2801.20 are the best bets for the job. However, as demonstrated by this, both instruments may be used by anybody for any work, with less tiredness. 


They may perform as well as heavy-duty power tools even if they are smaller and lighter. And the impact drill, which has higher torque and speed, is preferred by most users.

Maximum torque is 350 in-lbs, and most drilling and driving activities may be completed between zero and one thousand seven hundred revolutions per minute using the Milwaukee 2404-20.

When drilling through soft and hard materials, the Milwaukee 2801-20 has a range of speeds from 0 to 500 revolutions per minute (RPM) and from 0 to 1,800 revolutions per minute (RPM).

However, when providing consumers with a higher output for specific duties, Milwaukee 2801-20 outperforms both Milwaukee cordless impact drills.


A primary goal of the Milwaukee Tool Company is to provide powerful tools that are not only effective but also durable.

An Intelligence technology called REDLINKTM is included in Milwaukee 2404-20 and 2801-20. This technology can also monitor the tool’s temperature, which might help prevent damage and extend the battery’s life.

To make up for the Milwaukee 2404-20’s plastic gearbox, the Milwaukee 2801-20’s is made entirely of metal.

The cost

It’s also necessary to consider the cost when comparing the Milwaukee M18 with the M12. It all depends on the model that you pick… However, going with M12 Milwaukee for DIY projects is recommended if you’re on a tight budget. Because of their higher standards and intended usage by professionals, M18 power tools tend to be more costly.

Is Milwaukee’s M18 or M12 the superior model? The Milwaukee M12, an 18V-class cordless impact driver, isn’t as powerful as the Milwaukee M18, yet it’s enough for some jobs. Additionally, the M12 is smaller, making it easier to complete activities in smaller areas.

Other Features

That Milwaukee offers a product range on user productivity and ergonomics cannot be disputed.

The pistol-style grip of the Milwaukee 2404-20 has been modified and textured to make it more user-friendly. In addition, the driving/drilling area is well-illuminated thanks to the LED light mounted just below the clutch.

The micro-textured grip of the Milwaukee 2801-20 makes it a breeze to hold even while working for extended periods. As with the Milwaukee 2404-20, it comes equipped with a powerful LED light behind the clutch to help you drill in dimly lit areas more precisely. In addition, you may hang it up with the included belt clip when not in use.

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Advantages of M12 Drill

If you own a Milwaukee M12 cordless tool, you may expect to reap several benefits from the M12 batteries. In terms of power and performance, its high current discharge is the first thing to notice. The REDLINK intelligence technology is used to ensure optimum performance and avoid overloading damage. The versatility of M12 batteries may be seen in their ability to operate in various weather situations, enhancing the functioning of M12 power devices. In addition, they may be used with nearly all M12 tools, save for those that require specific batteries.

You can keep your tool upright when using these batteries since they have a rubber base. It also boasts a sturdy design that assures long-term use and effectiveness.

The disadvantage of the M12 Drill

The Milwaukee M12 batteries’ most significant drawback is that they only function with M12-compatible equipment. In addition, as the batteries get older, their performance degrades, and reduced power production results.

Advantages of M18 Drill

A noticeable feature of the M18 batteries is their output, which can deliver high-quality performance. The REDLINK intelligence system enhances its performance by communicating with the tool, battery, and charger and preventing overloads. Due to their durable design, the batteries are long-lasting and less likely to fail after being dropped or otherwise impacted. Furthermore, they can work in any weather, even in subzero conditions, and yet give their all in every task they perform.

M18 devices benefit from the batteries’ lightweight, making them easier to carry. When you consider how well M18 batteries work with every piece of M18 gear, you can see how flexible they are. There are three sorts of batteries, normal, XC, and high demand, each with a different runtime capacity. It’s entirely up to you which of these three possibilities you choose.

The disadvantage of the M18 Drill

The biggest drawback of M18 batteries is that they can only be used with other M18-compatible devices. When it comes to Milwaukee Tool products, even if they are M18, they won’t fit. If you use it for an extended period, you will notice that it no longer performs as well as it did when new.


Are M12 or M18 better?

M18 is the most often used battery size after that. The Milwaukee® battery M18TM is suitable for tools that need more power, as opposed to the M12TM, which is better for those that require less energy for light-duty tasks. Unfortunately, this 18-volt battery has a broader shape and base, which makes it a little more cumbersome.

Can you use M12 batteries on M18 tools?

Does it exist the ability to swap out the battery?? Unfortunately, there is no method to replace the batteries. It’s only possible to use M12 tools and batteries, whereas M18 devices and batteries are only compatible with M18 ones.


There’s no better place to buy heavy machinery than Milwaukee. The M12 and M18 systems are among the top performers in the best construction tools category.

The Milwaukee M12 is an excellent piece of equipment around the house for rapid repairs. The Milwaukee M18, on the other hand, is a better choice if you want to use these tools for heavy-duty building and maintenance.

There are considerable variances in performance, such as execution speed, run time, and power. However, despite the specifications variations, this equipment’s cordless capabilities make it a worthwhile investment in the construction industry.

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